Not surprisingly, Lansky’s 20 published poetry books—including: Kids Pick the Funniest Poems, A Bad Case of the Giggles, No More Homework! No More Tests!, If Kids Ruled the School, My Teacher’s In Detention, and Mary Had a Little Jam—are among America’s all-time best-selling children’s poetry books.

Lansky is also the editor of three middle-grade fiction series:

Girls to the Rescue™ is a series of seven books that include inspiring short stories about clever and courageous girls from around the world that has sold over 500,000 copies.

Newfangled Fairy Tales™ is series of two books that include entertaining “fractured fairy tales” that turn traditional fairy tales upside down to stimulate children’s imaginations.

Can You Solve the Mystery?™ is a series of 14 books that have sold more than 800,000 copies. Each mystery story provides readers with all the clues they need to solve the mysteries themselves. The solutions are presented in mirror type in the back of each book to further motivate readers to try to solve the mysteries before looking at the answers.

Lansky’s newest publications are three exciting and humorous stories for young children: Early Birdy Gets the Worm, Monkey See Monkey Do, and Polar Brrr’s Big Adventure. All three stories are available in two versions: Picture Readers (wordless picture books for children ages 3 to 6) and Early Readers (picture books for beginning readers). All six of these titles are currently available in eBook editions.

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