Invite Poet & Author Bruce Lansky to Your School!

Called “The King of Giggle Poetry” by his fans, Bruce Lansky is the creator of the popular website,, and the author/editor of 20 humorous poetry books that have sold over 3.5 million copies and three children’s fiction series that have sold almost 1.5 million copies.

Based in Minnesota, Bruce has presented assemblies and workshops at more than 600 elementary and middle schools from coast to coast and has been a featured speaker at more than 50 reading/literacy and media conferences. He’s also an organizer and host of the Poetry Olio at the annual International Literacy Association Conference.

Bruce’s interactive poetry assemblies demonstrate how much fun it is to read and perform poetry. His poetry workshops give students an opportunity to write several different kinds of poems with him. Students are so inspired; Bruce often receives bags or boxes of poems and thank-you notes from students—sometimes before he’s even left the school!

Bringing Bruce Lansky to your school gives your students and teachers the opportunity to meet one of America’s most entertaining and inspiring authors. Connecting your students with a favorite author and his books is a great thing. That’s why we provide free copies of Bruce’s books for your library and suggest that you make books available at discounted prices for your students and teachers.

“We thank Bruce so much for being a part of the Colorado Conference of the IRA this year. We truly enjoyed his singing, outrageous poetry, and ability to make those around him smile! What a great gift.”
—Patsy Thompson, Librarian, Bell Middle School, Golden, CO